“Luxury is everybody’s right”

www.luxaree.com is the retail site of Ametheus Commodities Pvt Ltd. In contemporary era Luxury has become the right of Rich people as they can effort it and here comes the role of Ametheus which believe that luxury items should be affordable to anybody. Hence we have created a platform named luxaree.com to delivery high end grocery & FMCG items to common people. We changed the spelling of luxury but kept the substance same for everybody.

At Luxaree.com, we deliver healthcare items, food ingredients, food staffs, grains,  from source to end consumer. Our goal is to contribute to world trade and economic development in sustainable and responsible manner. Our customers and supplier base benefits from our bespoke service model across the entire grocery and FMCG value chain, including: sourcing, marketing, logistics and storage, vendor onboarding and risk management.

We conduct target market analyses to uncover potential market penetration opportunities, including market and regulatory barrier analysis. Increasingly, corporations and investors are moving beyond the traditional acquisition or disposal model and using joint ventures (JVs) and  strategic business alliances to achieve their business development objectives. So we recommend for potential commercialization strategies and opportunities for strategic partnerships or licensing to obtain the maximum benefit. You can use our platform luxaree.com to reach to B2C customers. You can sell through us to avail seamless synch in sales and logistics.